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Singh Decorators And Co.

"Specialist in Light Decoration"
Proprietor: Nahar Singh
Paramjeet Kaur
Established on: 22nd August, 1986

Singh Decorators And Tent House

"We Provide a Lavish Arrangement
for Your Dream Occasions"
Established in 2001
Proprietor: Gurmeet Singh (Sunny)


"A House of Disney Friends"
Established in 1995
Proprietor: Surjeet Singh (Hunny)
Sukhdev Singh(Munny)

Welcome To Singh’s Events

Singh Decorators and Co. was established on 22nd August, 1986. We have been providing Light Decoration services for many years. Now we have extended our services to event management and we are working as “Singh’s Events”. Singh Decorators and Tent House, Ding-Dong are our sister concerns and we are working together to bring immeasurable experience in coordinating Weddings (engagement parties, bridal showers), Corporate Events (tradeshows,conferences, meetings and seminars) and Social gatherings (private parties, holiday parties, birthdays) and many more.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. The marriage rituals and customs unfold different stories behind it. Condensed over centuries of cultural admixture, Indian weddings showcase the rich culture and tradition of India. The practices of Indian wedding are different according to the particular region.There are various rituals with which you can associate an Indian wedding. The wedding celebration is divided into three parts pre wedding, main day and post wedding. The pre wedding rituals vary according to the region. Among the other rituals garland ceremony is the most popular rituals, which is celebrated more or less in every part of the country. On this occasion the bride and the groom exchange garland as a sign of mutual acceptance. On the main wedding day a wedding altar or mandapa is built on the wedding venue within which the marriage is conducted. The ritual of putting sindoor or vermilion powder in the parting of the bride’s hair by the groom is the ritual followed mostly in the northern and eastern part of the country.
Rituals like kanyadaan, vidaii, tying of mangal sutra around the bride’s neck, saat-phere (seven steps), in which the couple moves seven times together around the fire exchanging the wedding vows, here fire acts as a witness of their marriage. These are some of the common rituals practiced in all the castes.